Hotmail signature setting

Open Hotmail mail box, click [Option] button at the right top corner then click [More options…].  

From the left menu, select [Hotmail] then click [Personal email signature].

 Click the right box from [Personal email signature], click [Edit in HTML].


 Click the right button of the mouse on html page, select [View Source].

 There is a sentence on the bottom html code screen saying ★★★★★ Please copy the below and follow the direction on settings ★★★★★. Drag the html code in between dotted lines and copy. (Ctrl+C)

 Again, come back to Hotmail [Personal email signature] screen and paste (Ctrl+V) then [Save] button.


 When you write new email, you can use the Footer made from the App as below on Hotmail.

■  Go to see Yahoo  mail setting

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